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We are The Standard Companies ... combining more than two-hundred years of experience, knowledge, service and integrity in the Sanitation/Maintenance industry. So that we might better serve YOU, all of our fine operations have merged under a single banner in our more than two-hundred thousand square feet of manufacturing and distribution areas strategically located in the Midwest, South and Southwest.

Standard Rewashed Wipers Company - since 1917, the leading manufacturer, processor and converter of textile and paper non-woven wiping tools as well as a major supplier in the Personal Care (paper and tissue) and cleaning products and systems areas.

Chicago Washed Cotton Goods Company - operates a modern, full-service industrial laundry for precise processing - since 1918

Bricide Corporation - custom chemical formulations and related supplies and systems in the Sanitation/Maintenance/Janitorial industry.(Est.1941)

Shamrock Paper Products - recognized as leading supplier of paper products, cleaning chemicals and supplies to commercial, institutional and industrial establishments since 1940.

Central Mills, Inc. - "Turkish towels are our specialty". Manufacturer of a full line of textile products for more than seventy years.

Domestic Sanitary Wipers Company - Washed and sanitized wiping cloths for all segments of industry. A trusted supplier since 1919.

Texoma Supply, Inc. - Serving the South and Southwest with the finest of in-house processed maintenance products along with representation of the most respected manufacturers in the Sanitation/Maintenance industry.

Dray Industries - A leading "direct raw materials source" for many of those products which are processed within our operations. Their more than seventy-five years of experience and expertise helps us to "control the flow".

We are The Standard Companies... a team, including fine employees, dedicated suppliers and loyal customers, comprised of professionals with a strong desire to "get the job done". We attribute our impressive achievements to this team who helps us to towards our goals of dedication to excellence and commitment to quality.

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